The Best Gasoline for Your Car

If you are driving a car with a combustion engine, you need to stop for gas every so often. You probably don’t give much thought to what it takes to make your car run, but it’s actually a combination of the gas, air and an ignition source. Your car has to have all three in order to run at all.
But what’s the best type of gasoline for your vehicle? Were you aware that putting the wrong kind of fuel into your car can damage the engine and cause it not to run at all? Tune Tech can help you figure out what kind of gasoline is best for your car in a few easy steps!
Many people don’t know this, and they also don’t check to see if a certain grade of fuel is better for their car than others. This could be a major contributing factor in purchasing a new car, so the type of fuel it requires should definitely be considered.
The first thing you’ll need to determine is which type of fuel your vehicle needs: diesel or gasoline. You’ll find a label on the fuel door – the flap that opens so you can insert a fuel nozzle – that will say either gasoline or diesel fuel. If this tag is faded or unreadable, consult the instrument cluster or the owner’s manual.
Once you have determined the type, you will need to figure out what grade of fuel you need. You may think that it can’t hurt to put premium gasoline in an engine that only calls for regular, but it actually can! You must be very careful to only use the type of gasoline that is specified for your vehicle.
Many vehicles can use premium even if they are rated for regular, but drivers hardly ever report that they can feel a difference when using premium.
The fuel door will tell you if you need premium gasoline or if it is simply recommended for performance. In this case, ‘performance’ relates to the car’s efficiency, not its regular operation. If premium gasoline is recommended but not required, your car will run well with either.
Sports cars, turbocharged or supercharged engines are examples of engines that typically require premium gasoline. High-horsepower engines and high-compression engines also use premium fuel. Because these are rare models, you’ll definitely know if you have one of these!
As a general rule, more common cars such as sedans, SUVs, trucks, or family vans only need regular gasoline and do not show much benefit when filled with premium.
If you notice that your vehicle which you normally fill with regular gasoline has what they call a ‘ping’ – a high-pitched pinging noise – or a knocking in the engine, you may want to try this trick: add an octane booster to your tank. If the pinging or knocking stops, fill up with premium gasoline the next time you stop for gas. Premium fuel with lessen the engine noise and help the engine run more smoothly.

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