Should You Buy an Electric Car In Spokane?

Hybrid and electric cars have done nothing but gain popularity since their creation. They have become more practical and economical, as all technological advancements do over time. The Toyota Prius has consistently led the pack of low- to mid-range electric cars, but Honda’s CR-Z and Hyundai’s Ioniq are quickly gaining ground.

On the upper end of the price range, the BMW i8, starting at $144,395, and the Tesla Model X, starting at $86,700, will both make you wonder, “Should I buy an electric car?”

It’s a valid debate, and one that many car buyers are finding themselves in the middle of. Electric cars have many advantages, but tried-and-true gasoline-powered cars aren’t going anywhere for a long time.

To help you make this decision – or just to help you develop an opinion on the subject – we’ve put together a brief list of the pros and cons of buying an electric car:

Pros –

  • Tax Incentives

The IRS offers a tax credit for up to $7,500 for the purchase of an electric vehicle. Up to 30% of buyers say the tax incentive is a major factor in their decision.

  • Safety

Electric vehicles, or EVs, are safer because they have a battery that is centered underneath the car, so there is less chance of an EV flipping. Also, the slight risk that a combustion engine has of catching fire is eliminated in an EV.

  • Less Maintenance

You won’t be changing the oil or replacing fluids the way you do with a gas engine. An electric engine only has a shaft, so fewer moving parts mean less maintenance.

  • Eco-Friendly

Tailpipe emissions are dangerous for people and for the environment, but they are unavoidable with gas cars. There are no emissions produced by EVs.

Cons –

  • Limited Battery Power

You can get at least 100 miles from a single charge on most battery-powered cars, which doesn’t seem very far to most people.

  • Bigger Price Tag

At the moment, EVs are more expensive than comparable models of gas or diesel models. However, it’s estimated that by 2022, they will be the cheapest option.

  • Limited Charging Opportunities

Depending on where you live, it may not be practical for you to own an electric car. Depending on how far you drive, your proximity to a public charging station, and your access to private charging stations, you might not have the option to choose an electric vehicle.

  • Few Choices

Only a handful of companies are producing EVs, and there are few model options from those. It will be several years before customers have their pick of models from all car manufacturers.

As you can see, there are many good points on both sides of the debate. It isn’t a matter of EVs being better than combustion engines in every way, but rather you must decide if the environmental benefits of an EV will pay off for you in more ways than one.

They are dependable, long-lasting vehicles that hold their own in the looks department as well, but they may not be practical for every buyer.

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