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Choosing the right mechanic in Spokane

Your car does more than drive you from point A to point B; it keeps you safe on the roadway. It produces a protective shell around your family when traveling, keeping them safe from traffic and driving risks. Your automobile is an important part of the way you travel, and when it is disregarded, or repaired incorrectly by a non-certified mechanic, it can mean big issues down the road.

Choosing the right mechanic in Spokane for your preventative vehicle upkeep is essential for your safety.

Spokane Mechanic

Vehicle repair mechanic in Spokane Washington working on preventative vehicle repairs.

At Tune Tech Auto Repair, we fully understand the responsibility that comes into our care each time a client leaves their car at our shop.  As a family operated service, we understand what it means to have a safe and trusted car to carry your family. For this reason, we’ve compiled an useful list of things to look for when choosing a local mechanic.




1. Licenses and Certifications: Many people like vehicles, are passionate about engines, and will offer to fix your vehicle for a bargain.  Unfortunately, not all these people are licensed mechanics. When somebody besides a certified mechanic works on your automobile, not only can it void your guarantee, it can also cause more problems later on.  Before you turn over your vehicle over to a stranger, inquire about:

  • qualifications
  • the length of time have they been in business
  • where did they go to school,  or who did they train with
  • do they have accreditation as a mechanic

2. Meet the Staff face to face: It’s so easy these days to schedule a visit over the phone, or online.  Many people leave their automobiles without ever talking to the company that will be working on it. Attempt to stop by a prospective mechanics shop personally.  Discuss any problems your car/truck has actually been having, and get a feel for whether the team seems genuine in their intention to help you out. Any mechanic can fix an automobile, but are they going to put in the dedication and top quality work that guarantees you a safe vehicle when they’re finished?  At Tune Tech, our team of experienced and licensed mechanics work hard to offer the very best possible service every time they work on an automobile.

3. What Are Others Saying? Before there were advertising companies and park benches covered in logos, there was word of mouth, and this approach of marketing still stands today. Luckily, the age of the internet has actually made it simpler than ever before to see what others are saying about an organization and their practices. At Tune Tech, we encourage our clients to check out what past clients have said about us. We’re more than happy to go over previous types of work we have done, and how we can assist you on repairing your vehicle. Do not just take our word for  how much care we put into our work, see what others are saying.

4. Price Check: There’s an industry standard for numerous types of repair work, especially if it’s going through your insurance coverage, however some services range in price from mechanic to mechanic. Don’t hesitate to search for the best cost, rather than taking the very first quote you are provided. Naturally, it isn’t always the best idea to opt for the lowest bidder, over a premium shop, but often you can get both. At Tune Tech, we aim to offer our customers with outstanding service on every job without breaking the bank. Our preventative vehicle repair work is affordable, and we are more than happy to work with you to determine a way to get your vehicle in top shape without making it feel like a monetary nightmare. Our objective is a happy customer.

To learn more on preventative repair, why preventative maintenance is so essential, and the numerous kinds of car services provided at  Tune Tech,  call us today. We are happy to answer any questions from new to returning clients, and can help you make an appointment with one of our experienced mechanics at your convenience.