Common Car Repairs For Spokane Residents

A car repair shop that has been in business for any time at all has seen a multitude of different repair issues. They range from very simple repairs and replacements to major overhauls that can take a lot of time and cost the car’s owner thousands of dollars.

Let’s hope that you never find yourself on the extreme end of that spectrum! Costly repairs are rarely in a driver’s budget, and being without your car for a few days can be a major inconvenience.

Tune Tech is definitely one of those companies that has seen many different kinds of repair issues, and we’ve fixed them all! Yet we tend to see the same kinds of issues again and again. This is due to lack of maintenance, careless driving and, sometimes, just plain bad luck.

Here are the most common car repairs that we do at Tune Tech and the probable cause of each one:

Oil Changes in Spokane

We could change the oil in your car with our eyes closed (but we promise not to!). Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, you need to have your oil changed every few thousand miles. The engine will operate better for the life of your car with fewer issues when you have the oil changed regularly.

Tire Repair in Spokane

Driving carefully means that you are fully aware of your surroundings at all times. If you are not paying attention, you can run off the road or have the need to slam on your brakes often. Both of these things are bad for your tires. We often repair or replace just one tire because it has a puncture, but we also replace full sets of tires.

Brake Work in Spokane

Brakes and tires can wear down from consistent hard braking. The brake pads in many people’s cars need to be replaced well before their time because drivers don’t observe careful enough driving habits. Brake repairs aren’t that expensive unless the problem is with your disc, drum or rotor.

Cooling Issues in Spokane

The coolant system of your car includes the radiator and the engine’s cooling system. It also has to do with the car’s air conditioner, which keeps YOU cool! We can flush the radiator to fix many cooling system issues, while AC repairs are usually more involved and costly.

Transmission Problems in Spokane

Unfortunately, transmission issues are pretty expensive to repair. They should only be trusted to the best mechanics because they can also be complicated. Sometimes the transmission can be repaired, but it’s pretty common for us to replace the whole transmission.

We also handle many issues with the exhaust system, fuel system and electrical system. There’s no need to panic when your car isn’t running perfectly, but you do need to give serious attention to any new rattles, squeaks or shimmies. If you know how your car usually drives and its normal sounds, you will quickly be able to tell when something is different. All of these things could mean that there’s a serious issue.

Call Tune Tech as soon as you notice a problem!


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