Drive with a Smile on Healthy Tires

If you own a car, you will certainly have a bag of mixed experiences. Whether you drive it on a regular basis or on occasions, some day or the other you are surely going to face the consequences of a flat tire. Of course, it’s not always easy for us to chalk out driving routes in advance. So drivers must always be ready to take their cars on all sorts of roads, which in turn can affect the tires to a good extent. But never mind, car tires can always be repaired, and it is never a mammoth task. What you need is a set of handy tools that would make your job easier, even if you are stuck somewhere on a highway.

Before moving on to other aspects of repairing tires, we here at Tune Tech would like to say that it is extremely important for car owners to understand why repairing one’s car tire is extremely important. Needless to say, mishaps will never give you prior signs, it will take seconds to end your story. So why give your car tires a chance to make your life miserable? What most people do is keep driving without even checking once whether the tire is in a state of air loss. So safety here becomes a big question unless you get to know about it amidst your journey. If it’s therefore high time, talk to a specialist or any of the local tire dealers.

Now the question is how advantageous it is to talk to a local tire dealer. Well, a tire dealer will at least be able to:

  • Sustain air pressure in the tire as per what would be required
  • Avoid further damage to tires
  • Repair all punctures in the tread

One of the most crucial considerations while repairing car tires is detecting a hole in them. So if you are aware of the ways to check it, you will be able to fix it anywhere and anytime. You can start by:

  • Looking for a nail or screw – Make sure that nothing sticks to the car tires. It is the duty of every car owner to check that the tires are free of debris. If you find any, remove them or otherwise, they will never let you drive smooth.
  • Allow the tire to inflate – Get a bottle full of car tire cleaner ready. First, get the tire inflated, then take the cleaner and spray over the entire tire with it.
  • Get a squirt bottle – It would be best if you can get a solution mixing vegetable base soap and water for the cleaning solution. There are also leak detector liquids approved by reputed manufacturers.
  • Witness eruption of bubbles – Just where the puncture has taken place, you will get to see little bubbles erupting like a volcano as the cleaner will flow down the tread of the tire. This is where you might detect the hole.

Now the next stage is changing your car tire. It is recommended for every car driver to know how to get the tires changed in case one faces a breakdown in the midst of a journey on a no man’s land. So here are some tips and suggestions that would certainly be helpful:

  • Move away from traffic – Just pray that your car does not suffer any breakdown in a traffic jam. If it does, you just have to get it to a safe zone, especially on any flat surface where things will be smoother for you. It might take some time to get the tires changed unless you are an expert. So try to get this job done at such a place where there would be no hindrances.
  • Switch on the hazard lights – Make sure that while you are working on your car tires, you are clearly visible by the oncoming traffic. So make use of the warning devices wisely so that you can stay safe yet busy on the roadside.
  • Rest your car – Do not make the blunder of starting off with the tire repair work without placing any brick in front or behind the car. This would stop the car from rolling accidentally.
  • Get the lug nuts loosened – Instead of removing the tight lug nuts, loosen them. This would prevent your carb from jerks while helping up with the support of a jack.
  • Be careful while jacking the car up – Check some videos if possible to find out the right way of jacking up the car. Moreover, it should be placed correctly in order to survive the damage.
  • Get center covers removed – It is advisable to get the center covers, as well as the hubcaps, removed so that it becomes easier for you to get hold of the lug nuts.
  • Get the spare tire – After you are done jacking up your car, place the tire to be replaced and position the lug nuts correctly.
  • Check whether lug nuts are tight – Take the tire wrench and turn the tire clockwise Do not exert much pressure as that might let your car move off the jack.
  • Fix the lug nuts – Prior to fixing the lug nuts, make sure that you have placed the car back on the four wheels. Once done, get the lug nuts tightened.
  • Drive and check again – To stay assured that everything is all right, drive for a few minutes, take a halt and check once again to ensure that the lug nuts are not loosened.

So if you are willing to share pleasant driving experiences to your friends and near ones, you must keep the above points in mind. For any assistance or advice on car tires, you can contact us any day anytime and our experts at Tune Tech will get back to you.

We offer full tire repair and maintenance at all three of our locations! Division Spokane Tire Repair; Monroe Spokane Tire Repair; Pines Spokane Valley Tire Repair.

Drive Safe, Stay Happy!!

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