How to survive pot hole season

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Tips to keep your car unharmed and avoid damage to your vehicle during the dreaded pothole season.

Keep a safe distance
Make sure there is a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you so that you can easily spot out the holes ahead.

Watch out for puddles
Approach puddles of water carefully, often they can be hiding potholes below.

Can’t avoid the pothole? Slow down.
If you can’t avoid hitting a pothole, make sure you slow your vehicle down before hitting it and firmly grip your steering wheel to avoid losing control of your vehicle.

Keep tires inflated
Minimizing the impact of hitting a pothole, make sure that your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Signs you may have sustained damage from hitting a pothole:

      • Deflated tire(s)
      • Cracks and/or bulges in the vehicles tires
      • Wheel rim dents
      • Your vehicle is shaking and pulling to the right/left, could possibly be an alignment problem
      • The exhaust system is making unusual sounds

If you are concerned that hitting a pothole caused damage to your vehicle, contact Tune Tech today to have it inspected.  Our certified technicians can make sure your vehicle is operating in its peak condition.

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