Keeping Your Car in Like-New Condition

It’s such a hassle when your car breaks down. Practically no one has the time or money to spare for car repairs, and they always seem to happen at the most inopportune times.
But some people seem to know the trick for keeping an older car in great shape. They’ve driven the same one for 10, 20, even 30 years, and it still runs like a dream. If you want to care for your car with the same results, keep reading!
So is there some magic involved in keeping your car like new? Well, not exactly. But what follows are a few tips that can keep you on the road longer and with fewer repairs than other drivers with the exact same make and model.
It all comes down to maintenance, folks. Preventing problems is much cheaper than fixing them. Just like you take care of your body to prevent illness, you should give your car the same kind of attention to save yourself money, time and headaches down the road.
Change the oil and check it regularly. We can set you up with the right oil and an appropriate oil change schedule for your specific needs.

• Change the coolant every year. Obviously, the best time to do this is just before summer, when you’ll be using your AC the most.

• Change the transmission fluid and differential oils occasionally. These don’t have to be changed yearly, but it should be done every few years to keep the motor running clean.

• Change the brake fluid once a year. Many people don’t know that brake fluid attracts and holds moisture. Bleeding and replacing the brake fluid is much more economical than replacing corroded brake lines. What’s on the outside matters, too!
• Keep it clean. Dust, dirt and grime that accumulate on the outside of your car can work its way inside. So a car clean actually does run better!

• Wax it twice a year. Every six months, wax your car, or pay someone to do it for you. Wax protects your car’s paint, and it will also make minor scratches nearly invisible.

• Keep all the moving parts greased. Anywhere there’s a joint or other moving part, your car is at risk for friction. Friction can, in turn, cause things to overheat or break.

• Park in the shade whenever possible. This not only keeps your paint job from fading, but it also keeps rubber pieces on your car and the interior plastic, wood or leather from drying, fading, cracking and warping.
What sense does it make for a car repair shop to be telling you all this? We should be glad to have all those repairs walking through our door! The fact is, we value our clients as friends and family. Your vehicle will need eventual repairs, and we’ll be here to help when it does, but, at the same time, we want the you to get the most value out of your car and hang on to your hard earned cash!

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