Oil Change 101

Oil changes are some of the most common services we provide at TuneTech. In fact, we do dozens of them every day! Most people don’t think about why they are changing the oil in their car. It’s just something we do because the owner’s manual says so – and we’re afraid of what might happen if we don’t!

Changing the oil in your car is vital because it removes the old, dirty oil from your car’s engine. Oil keeps all the moving parts lubricated, but when dirt and debris is floating around in the oil, it can damage your engine over time. Regular oil changes are the only way to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

The average recommended schedule for changing your oil is every 5,000 miles. However, many factors play into this schedule. Some modern, high-performance oils may allow you to go 10,000 miles before changing the oil, while you may prefer to change the oil more often, such as every 3,000 miles.

TuneTech’s knowledgeable staff can work with you to come up with a schedule that is perfect for your car’s engine.

So what happens during an oil change? Because we are so fast and efficient with oil changes, our customers sometimes don’t realize how many steps are actually involved. In case you’re curious about what goes on during a normal oil change, here are the steps we follow:

  • Check the oil level.

We’ll first see how much oil is in the car before draining it. If there is an abnormally low level, that will let us know if any oil is leaking. Based on the condition of the oil, we can also tell if a different type of oil would be better for your car’s engine.

  • Drain the oil.

We will then completely drain the old oil out of your car. This is an important step. New oil can’t be added to the old oil because it will still contain dirt and debris. We can also dispose of the removed oil safely.

  • Change the filter.

With almost every oil change, we will replace the filter as well. Its job is to catch particles that shouldn’t be in your oil, so keeping a fresh filter is just as important as changing the oil regularly. A dirty oil filter can’t do its job properly.

  • Replace the oil.

We will work with you to decide the best oil for your vehicle before replacing the oil in your car. We consider brand, viscosity, and service rating for each vehicle that we service.

But we don’t stop there!

After your oil change is complete, our TuneTech mechanics will give your car a full inspection. We’ll check the belts and wipers for signs of wear, and we will check the other fluids in your car as well, such as transmission and wiper fluid. We can suggest future auto replacements and repairs and set an appointment for you to bring your car back in, or in some cases, we can do small repairs on the spot!

Call us today to schedule a due oil change at any of our Spokane locations!

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