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If you want your automobile to run smoothly and provide a long lasting performance, then you need to get routine oil changes. Getting oil changes in Spokane Washington is easier than you think when you bring it into Tune Tech.

Consider the following advantages of getting regular oil changes in spokane washington:

Spokane Mechanic performing an oil changeClean Engine– The oil flows through the engine and connected parts, keeping them running smoothly. If you do not get regular oil changes, you run the risk of sludge building up in the engine which will decrease the internal mechanics. Your engine requires clean oil and a clean filter to lubricate the moving parts and run efficiently so the dirt and particles don’t accumulate and cause problems. This will likewise make the emissions and exhaust cleaner.

Longer Life– With regular oil changes, the engine will have a longer lifespan. Correct lubrication of the engine and components prevents damage while extending the life of the  internal moving parts.

Enhanced Fuel Mileage– Gas mileage is impacted by the way we drive, automobile upkeep, and the driving environment. Debris inside the engine and parts causes friction which will decrease good fuel economy. If your engine is working harder then your vehicle will be losing fuel performance and eventually cost you more at the pump.

Better Engine Efficiency– Oil breaks down when it is exposed to heat in the engine and  then it loses viscosity and lubrication capacity. Unclean oil doesn’t stream quickly. This sludge-like oil won’t draw heat from the engine as quickly which results in decreased horsepower. If your engine is running efficiently and effectively you will see and feel a difference in other parts of the car as well.

When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change to Tune Tech in Spokane, our qualified mechanics will drain the old oil, set up a brand-new filter, and add a new filter and oil. Enjoy a more optimized driving experience with better fuel economy by getting regular oil changes.

Know your vehicle is in good hands when you bring it into Tune Tech, Spokane. Call to make an appointment today.

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