Reasons to Bring Your Car to the Shop (Even if You’re Great with Cars)

We know plenty of shade-tree mechanics who enjoy working on their everyday or weekend rides themselves. Many repairs and replacements can be done by those with even a limited amount of mechanical knowledge. A few of these tasks include replacing air filters, changing your battery, swapping out spark plugs and replacing the windshield wipers.

But even little tasks like these can have unexpected complications: buying the right size/type, the old product being difficult to remove, or breaking a component while you’re doing the repair.

We know that you can do many car repairs yourself, but there are still a lot of great reasons to bring the car in and let professionals perform your repairs.

  1. Safety – We have all the proper tools to perform each potentially dangerous step of a job such as removing springs. If a job like this is done without the correct tools, you run the risk of injuring yourself or someone else, or damaging your car further. We are also highly trained to handle and dispose of hazardous materials safely. Coolant and oil need to be disposed of correctly. Otherwise, they can be harmful to people, animals and the environment.


  1. Quality – If you don’t do a job every day, it’s pretty easy for those skills to get rusty. Our automotive repair technicians perform common and not-so-common car repairs every single day, so whether it is body work and painting or oil changes and fluid replacement, we can guarantee the absolute best work possible. Just because you can get the job done doesn’t necessarily meant that you can do it best…and that’s perfectly ok!


  1. Time – You probably have better things to do on your weekends than stand in the garage over a car that’s now in 100 different pieces. In addition to being efficient, our technicians are also fast, getting your car back to you in perfect working order as soon as possible – in a fraction of the time you could do it yourself. Depending on where you live or work, you may be able to drop your car off and pick it up the same day without wasting any time sitting around the shop.


  1. Money – The idea that DIY projects save money isn’t entirely true. Sometimes, because of lack of knowledge or skill, you can spend more money figuring out how to do a repair that you would if you just brought it to us in the first place. Also, we can get better rates on many products – like oil, for example – because we buy in bulk. Many crack mechanics bring their cars to us for oil changes in the Spokane area because they can’t buy the supplies for cheaper than we can do the entire oil change.

Everyone has a busy schedule these days, but you still want quality auto repair service at the right price. We are one of the few automotive repair services who values those things, too, so let us handle all your major and minor car repairs!

Call or just come by today…no appointment necessary!

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