Top Maintenance tips for Diesel Engines

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If your diesel car is carrying out a variety of tasks, like pushing, pulling, or carrying loads, then you should be aware of how to maintain your diesel vehicle to ensure optimal performance. Even though you can always bring your diesel-powered vehicle to the expert service technicians at Tune Tech,  it doesn’t hurt for you to be aware of its day-to-day upkeep needs.

The following are the Top 5 Maintenance Tips For Diesel Engines:

Screen Your Coolant

Your diesel engine’s coolant is one of its most crucial maintenance demands. If it continues to be acidic it can rot out various other components in the car’s cooling system like the radiator.

Keep it clean

Keeping your diesel engine clean is essential for its preservation. The 3 areas that are crucial to keep clean is in the diesel’s fuel, oil, and air.

Fuel Filter Changes

Fuel filters should be changed regularly, roughly every 10-15K miles. Most of the more recent diesel motors can have 2 fuel filters. Both filters should be changed at the same time for optimum performance, and this must be done at roughly 15K miles.

Effective Air Filters

Depending on the climate and environment that you’re driving in, the air filters may require close monitoring. You can protect your engine by ensuring the air filters are clean.

Regular Oil Changes

Your diesel engine’s oil changes should be approximately every 5K miles. Depending on your driving characteristics, you may have to change your oil sooner. If your diesel engine is utilized for hard-driving and towing, then you may want to get your oil changed more frequently.

Don’t hesitate to bring your diesel vehicle to Tune Tech for your routine maintenance and repairs.  Our professional, ASE certified technicians will keep your vehicle on the road.

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