Vintage and Classic Cars versus Newer Cars

Whether your car is decades old or just a few months, we know you want to protect it from damage and keep it running smooth. As the premiere automotive repair business is the area, we think our customers deserve the very best car care service no matter what they drive. So whether it’s an old clunker that you use as a work truck, or your classic 1970 Ford Mustang, your car is in good hands with us!

We work on all makes and models, including rare and foreign cars. We have the diagnostic equipment and tools for just about any job, and we have a knowledge base that is not only wide, but deep, so our technicians are more than qualified to handle your car repairs, whether it’s a 40-year-old classic or brand spanking new!

We’re unique in this way. Most garages specialize in one or the other. Taking on all types of cars isn’t something we do just to get customers in the door. Cars are our passion, and we love working with all types. Whether you need car repair in Spokane or car repair in Spokane Valley, we have locations at both!

Clients are often hesitant to believe that we can be experts in more than one era of cars. Time and time again, though, we show them that we really know what we’re doing! Here are some of the things we know about older cars versus newer ones:

  • Surprise, surprise…there aren’t that many differences. Gasoline and air ignite in a cylinder, where pistons move up and down, activating the crankshaft. This leads to the transmission, which powers the wheels. But there are a lot of things to consider in that “simple” process, and each car’s system is a little bit different from the next. That doesn’t even take into account hybrid and electric cars. Luckily, we’re experts in all matters related to your car!
  • Modern engines are much more efficient than the older ones. Newer cars have direct injection technology and other neat features that improve their ability to use fuel. You don’t use as much fuel in them as you do in older cars, but you do have a lot more elements that can go wrong.
  • Today’s cars are a lot more powerful, but way smaller. Technology has a way of doing that, and those in the business have to keep up. Otherwise, our skill set would become obsolete every few years. More power means more moving parts, and those parts are getting smaller with every model.
  • Older cars’ motors aren’t as complex. Although parts for older cars may be harder to come by, we love how straightforward they are. New cars come equipped with high-tech computers and 7- or 8-speed “smart” transmissions. They can be much trickier to work on since there are mechanical and electrical components to consider.

If all this info is making your head spin, well…you’ve come to the right place! Tune Tech can repair any car of any age, no matter what issue you’re having. Let us put our knowledge and know-how to work for you today!

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